Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Promote Products, Earn Money

I am very popular in Facebook/Instagram/Tinder. Can I be a Social Media Influencer?

Of course you can. Please create a Facebook Business Page, Convert that Personal Instagram account to a Professional Account, Create a Twitter Account, A Pinterest Business Account Etc. These are must have things. Apart from that you can create A / / account if you are gonna write blogs n articles, An YouTube Channel (If you are going to publish videos)

Please follow our Facebook Page ( And Join Our Facebook Community ( to learn how you can build your social media follower base. Also please follow this page for ( ) for tips , tricks to increase user engagement of your social media pages.

What is Your Influencer Marketing Program?

Write about our products n solutions on your social media pages with a unique link (assigned to you specifically by us to track the traffic we get from your efforts) – And you get paid for any conversion (sales) happening through your efforts. Please connect to us over Facebook ( to know more.

What should I write about your products?

You can take a demo of our products and write a feedback. Also, We will be sharing regular content with on our community in Facebook. Please join the community here to receive regular content which you can share in your social networks.

Can I write in Urdu?

You can. You can write in any language. But we will be sharing content in English only. You need to translate and write.

May I know what kind of job it be in brief, about working hours, timings n payments?

It will be a ‘Work From Anywhere’ ‘Do it in your own time’ Kind of Job. You just need to be active on Social media. There wont be any fixed payments. You get commission on each qualified Sales happening through your efforts. The commission will vary from 30-40% for softwares n technology services to 10-12% for Food / Clothing/ Groceries / Hotels & Accomodations etc.

I wish to be an Social Media Influencer, But I have no idea where to begin…

Do not worry, We will guide you through the steps. Please join our Facebook Community so that fellow community members can help you out.