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You got appreciation for recommending a beautiful dress to your friends, while helping sell a dress without spending in Ads

Everything You Need To Know About Unboxd Influencer Marketing Program

Write about our & our seller partner’s products in your social media profiles and earn commission on each sales happening though your efforts. The commission varies from 40% for softwares , apps to 10–12% for retails, food, consumer durables.

4 Steps To Become A Successful Social Media Influencer

Create Business Accounts, Grow You Audience Base, Write About Our Products, Earn Rewards

Who is an influencer?

Anyone people look for a an advice to before buying a product or deciding any important matter is an influencers… Influencers have a responsibility in this case… so they should have knowledge n understanding about a product / solution before recommending

Getting Started With Unboxd Influencers Program

Getting started with Unboxd Influencers Program is easy. And Anyone can be Join the program. All you need to do is create as many social accounts as possible and build your subscriber/followers base. We will keep publishing tips n tricks on how to build your subscriber base effectively. You can subscribe to this blog or …

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An Introduction To Influencer Marketing

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